Stories of Compassion Submission Terms & Conditions

These are plain language terms & conditions for the submission of content to Building Compassion. Upon the submission of content to Building Compassion:-

You, the submitter of content, agrees:-

  • UPLIFT is not beholden to publish any content you submit, we reserve the right not to publish content that we may not deem suitable for our site.
  • That any content you submit is done so ethically, that you own the rights to that content and do not infringe on the intellectual property or rights of any other individual or organisation.
  • That any content you submit is fit for purpose, this includes not using language, imagery or any other content that may be considered harmful or offensive to others.
  • That UPLIFT has the right to remove your content from the site in the event that your content is no longer deemed suitable, and/or is in violation of these terms & conditions.
  • That by submitting content to Building Compassion, you grant UPLIFT unlimited permission to use your content for promotional activities in relation to Building Compassion (for example in social media posts, videos, emails or related promotional material).

UPLIFT agrees:-

  • That you own the intellectual property to any content that you submit to UPLIFT.
  • That UPLIFT will not change, or distort your content without your prior approval, with the exception of the removal of profanities and/or correction of grammatical errors.